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John & Gillie Hamshere

John and Gillie Hamshere are an English family who love dogs, especially Gordon Setters.

John and Gillie Hamshere have been antique dealers for over two decades. John helped build the Japanese art business, Barry Davies Oriental Art, which put together the Khalili Collection (six volumes of the finest Japanese art in the world). Gillie dealt in fine antique and period jewellery.

The interest in all things "doggie" began with their own interest in Gordon Setters, which they have. A Gordon Setter collection evolved.

The buying of dog jewellery ran parallel with the antique and period jewellery, but by 1998 the passion for sporting and dogs had grown into a speciality accompanied canine paintings.

They had discovered the great diversity and commissions of sporting jewellery, be it an amethyst head, a cameo, a crystal, in diamonds, an enamel, or an ivory miniature produced by great craftsmen or women. Objects created by skills long and time detailed workmanship at costs prohibitive today.

The Hamshere Gallery now have the largest collections of canine, equestrian and sporting, antique and period jewellery in the World.

Complimented by dog paintings Hamshere Gallery are the only dealers in the world specializing in canine and sporting jewellery and paintings.


The Hamshere’s Gordon Setters - Aurelia, Cooper & Flaminia


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