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Artist - Henri Becker Edmond

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Click to see full size: Gold and gem set cat brooch by Edmond-Henri Becker

1 ) Gold and gem set cat brooch by Edmond-Henri Becker (French 1871-1971)
A superb 18 carat gold and gem brooch of three kittens framed in a garland of Baroque leaves peering upon an absconding mouse, sculptured by Edmond-Henri Becker (French 1871-1971). The cats eyes inlaid with Demantoid Garnets. The reverse equally carved and incised in great detail. The pin bears two assay marks one being the lion of Louis Aucoc (1850-1932). In 1908 he exhibited another gold sculptured brooch of three kittens at the prestigious 'Paris Salon'. Edmond-Henri Becker was commissioned by such famous firms as Louis Aucoc fils (1850-1932) and the prestigious house of Frederic Boucheron. See 'La Bijouterie Francaise au XIXe Siecle' by Henri Vever, page 904, for an item of jewellery by Louis Aucoc sculptured by Becker 1899.

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